Student-Athlete Academic services

Academics and athletics go hand-in-hand for student-athletes at UH. To be successful in both areas, student-athletes must learn to balance the various demands in their everyday college life.

SAAS provides academic support services, including academic and athletic advising, registration assistance, tutoring, and career and personal counseling to all student-athletes at UH.

The mission of Student Athlete Academic Services is to:

  • Support the recruitment, retention and graduation of all student-athletes at UHM
  • Monitor academic eligibility, certification and prepare documentation as mandated by the NCAA
  • Provide comprehensive support services to facilitate students’ personal and academic growth and foster increased academic engagement, responsible citizenship and leadership

The SAAC advisors (assigned as team advisors) get to know their student-athletes well, assisting them in their academic and personal development. They help student-athletes register for appropriate classes each semester, choose a major, set goals, and develop an academic plan towards graduation.

In order to ease the transition to the university, incoming freshmen and transfer students attend a mandatory orientation program prior to the start of the fall semester. The program familiarizes new students with basic degree requirements, registration procedures, NCAA and conference rules and regulations, and campus resources.

Nagatani Academic Center
The Nagatani Academic Center (NAC), partially-funded by the late Bob Nagatani, was constructed in 1999. The NAC is equipped with two computer labs and remains open an average of 70 hours each week. The center also serves as a space for study halls and tutoring sessions, and it houses the offices of SAAS, Student Services and Compliance staff.

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