University of Hawai’i Compliance serves to educate students, athletes, coaches, administrators, and fans about the NCAA bylaws and their complexities. It also acts as a monitor to ensure institutional control.

The Compliance Office meets regularly with coaches and student-athletes to provide rules interpretations, information and pertinent materials pertaining to the numerous NCAA Bylaws.

Our education efforts are of utmost importance. Many people are involved with University of Hawaii Athletics. The Compliance Office knows the complexities of NCAA Bylaws and is continuing to evolve a comprehensive educational program for everyone in the community that collectively makes UH Athletics. All components of an athletic program must work together and each function properly, effectively and efficiently to ensure compliance. It must be a shared responsibility. Each person interested in the University of Hawaii Athletic Department assists the athletic program by knowing and complying with NCAA rules.

Contact Information
If you have any questions, please contact the University of Hawai’i Athletic Compliance Office.

Amanda Paterson
Director of Compliance
(808) 956-4501

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